Advice and Info About Enlisting Into the Marine Corps 

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Welcome. Future Jarheads was created in 2004 for Marine Corps prospects by a Marine Corps veteran. Our mission here is to offer each of you a very unique perspective of what you are asking to do or may one day want to do.

While most Marines will view their service as a positive experience, it is no secret that some Marines do not enjoy their enlistment and a few will even regret their decision to serve in the Marine Corps.

This website addresses the many issues and topics that will hopefully prevent you from making a mistake and that will hopefully prepare you for what is to come as you move forward from the process of enlistment through the regular Marine life and onward.

The unbiased realities about the Marine Corps that you are asking to be a part of can be found throughout this website and this website does what many recruiters and the USMC wont do, which is to fill in the blanks.

Just remember that each person's experience will vary and remember that trying to explain this type of info is not easy, so keep an open mind. And do not expect detailed info here as this is not our intention.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to message us via the "Contact Us" link down below.

"The world does not owe me because I served in the Marine Corps. And being a Marine grants me no special privileges or respect.
It is my character which defines who I am and who earns the respect I receive each day."

Future Jarheads - 2004